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First Things First

What exactly is removable wallpaper?

Prepare to be amazed. Removable wallpaper is the answer to your prayers. It has the look and feel of real wallpaper with none of the headaches. No glue, no rolls, no hiring someone when you realize just how big of a job it really is.

What makes it stick?

If we told you, we would have to kill you. Kidding, it’s a low-tack adhesive that is non-toxic and will make you want to paper everything in your life.

Can I reuse it?

One of the greatest features of Chasing Paper is that it’s forgiving – if you hang it crooked (not that you ever would, you perfect thing, you) or decide that “Tri-angled” would be better on your south facing wall, go for it! Re-stick that sucker!


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